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5-Session Empowerment Program for wives and women who want to be wives

A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown… (Proversb 12:4a)

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Sis, you are the crown.
As a wife, or wife to be, you are a symbol of royalty, wealth, stature, favor, and authority. Your presence evokes attention and shifts atmospheres. Your power is priceless. But sometimes we forget who we are as we focus on what we do for others. 

Let me help you remember who you are in
5 empowerment sessions. Do yourself a favor and click the purchase button.

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Crowns is a community for women like you to remember who, why you exist, and what you are called to do in this world. Together, we’ll explore:

  • The Purpose of a Woman - See why God chose you to rule and reign in his Kingdom

  • The Power of a Woman - Learn what God has empowered you to do on earth 

  • The Price of a Woman - Understand your value and how to increase it over time.

  • The Presence of a Woman - Discover the undeniable pressure you apply when you show up.

  • The Process of a Woman - Embrace the evolution of your vision and values in every season of life.


You don’t have to fix the crown, you have to be the crown.


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About Pastor Erica Glenn

Your Host + Crown Coach


As a serial entrepreneur, certified doula, published author, relationship coach, ordained pastor, beloved mother, and wife, Erica Glenn knows how hard it can be for busy women to maximize their potential and chase their dreams. That's why she's the brains behind five women leadership programs impacting women nationwide, including Crowns and Ladies in Waiting, preparing single and married women to reign in their purposes. She helps women create space to start thriving instead of just surviving the demands of life.


Erica is a leader with more than 25 years of experience in ministry and education. She is a passionate communicator, potential cultivator, powerful psalmist, and powerhouse prophetic voice. She is an educator at heart and served as a principal and teacher, earning recognition for Who's Who Among Teachers.


Erica serves with her husband, Dr. Jermone Glenn, to educate leaders across the globe. They are passionate about strengthening the family unit and do so through multiple platforms, including Create A Marriage, a program dedicated to helping others build a marriage that is purposeful, passionate, and powerful. Additionally, their Marriage Monday podcast shares tips for couples to gain momentum in their relationship.


As partners in purpose, Erica and Jermone Glenn pastor at New Life Covenant Southeast, where they work to advance the Kingdom of God further.


Erica has a passion for fashion and leads an excellent staff as the owner and head merchandiser of an upscale boutique for women, Bibi Boutique. Erica resides in Chicago, IL with her husband and their children Josiah, Monae, and Jonathan.

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